About Us

Creating high quality, unique custom millwork every day requires skilled workers, designers, and artisans who find this work intrinsically rewarding. 28 years ago, company president Richard Reynolds set out to locate a team of others just like him:

  • A diverse range of experience, knowledge, and talents
  • Creative and analytical problem solving abilities
  • Motivated by a commitment to excellence

Common to all chosen was a high level of expertise. An R&R team member knows the pros and cons of a type of wood for an application, its pliability, texture, how it reflects light, how its pattern will look in a certain configuration, and much more.

R&R has formed value-based relationships with preferred suppliers and outsourcers, each with its own specialty. To qualify as business partners, these companies had to satisfy demanding standards and meet client deadlines.

With the mastery of SolidWorks – 3D CAD software of international repute – R&R Woodwork has expanded its client base:

  • Prominent interior design firms
  • Design-build for end users, and other construction companies
  • Any organization that desires inspiring creations in wood, of any magnitude
  • Individuals whose tastes in homes or art includes fine woodwork

R&R Woodwork’s innovative spirit, values, and practices in creating custom architectural millwork allow it to surpass both conventional millwork thinking and their clients’ expectations.

Our Team

Richard Reynolds – Founder and President

As full-time salesman, Richard helps potential clients understand the capabilities of his company. He has a great deal of experience working with interior designers, large condominium developers, and on large, ambitious – sometimes international – projects.

Richard completed a 4-year apprenticeship program and earned his Industrial Woodworking Certificate. Shortly after, Richard embarked on his own business and over the past 32 years, he has taken R&R Woodwork Inc. from a one-man operation with a table saw and a planer to a multi-million dollar enterprise that employs 20+ people.

Paula Reynolds – Office Manager

Paula oversees the daily accounting functions at R&R Woodwork and ensures that the office runs smoothly. Paula was involved “behind the scenes” for many years and in recent years has taken an active role in managing the details of the successful operation of the office.

In Memorial – Doug Reynolds (December 1922-June 2005)

Doug Reynolds retired from the heavy truck industry at 67 and took a full-time position at R&R Woodwork as Treasurer, Sales Trainer, Motivation Specialist, and Spiritual Guide. A natural salesman and teacher, he reminded all who worked alongside him of the virtues of patience, honesty, integrity, and doing one’s very best work. He retired in 2004 when his health declined unexpectedly. He is sadly missed by all.

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