2-Track Executive Cribbage Boards

These cribbage boards are available in the following species: oak, maple, walnut, cherry or mahogany. All boards are 1-3/4″ solid wood construction with NO lamination and measure 6″x20-1/2″x1-3/4″. The 2-track board shown is made from oak. The prices* for the 2-track boards are as follows:

  • Oak – $141.00
  • Maple – $149.00 (6 in stock)
  • Walnut – $152.00 (4 in stock)
  • Cherry – $159.00 (9 in stock)
  • Mahogany – $145.00
  • Easy to see and count solid brass pegs are 5/16″ (8mm) in diameter and taper to 3/16″ (5mm) x 1″ tall. They fit into a 3/16″ (5mm) hole.

*All prices plus applicable taxes and shipping/handling

** All crib boards come complete with metal scoring pegs, metal door for card slot on back, 1 deck of Bicycle playing cards, and playing instructions

You will be contacted within 24 hours for payment information. Thank you for your order!

Items in stock will ship within 3 business days